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Checking Corners

Posted on Sat Mar 10th, 2018 @ 7:42pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Charles Rhodes & Lieutenant Commander Vincent Holt & Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby & Ensign Vex Krylore & Lieutenant Alana Dituri & Ensign Joran Arac

Episode: The Deuterium Argument [Rebooted]
Location: Armoury
Timeline: MD02 - 0945

Arriving early to the Armoury, Holt allowed himself to get kitted up, putting on his belt with everything he needed, Type 2 Phaser, Tricorder, spare power packs, torch and small canteen. He chuckled to himself at the canteen, his Drill instructor had said that 'the only real enemy is dehydration.'

Requisitioning a Phaser rifle with a slightly shorter barrel, he fixed a sling to it and adjusted the length to his personal preference, then let the rifle hang across his body, awaiting the personnel who he was going to probably annoy the crap out of today with his training. 

Some people would not take well to having their skills pulled into question by some former Marine, others would relish the chance to learn something challenging. Hopefully there would be a good spread of both. He looked over his training outline for the exercise, before casting it up to the large screen at the rear of the armoury. It showed a top-down look at deck 2. 

The Security Chief arrived shortly afterwards and approached the XO. "Commander." Kevin had learnt from his days as a Marine and packed accordingly. Standard issue Phaser and Tricorder, an Emergency Medical and Trauma Kit and a Torch. "Interesting choice for a Rifle, shorter barrel variant." He commented as he input his access code into the weapons locker and took out a Rifle with an ambidextrous grip and adjustable sighting.

"Perfect for CQB," Vincent said, turning to see the Lieutenant, "Hope you are ready for today Ell-Tee."

"Yes Sir." He said nodding. The Lieutenant checked his sights. "CQB was never my speciality, in my experience on Tragia most targets preferred to be dug in and hidden.

Th doors opened up as the Gold Shirts of Security arrived. A Chief, two Petty Officers and several Crewmen. Most were Human or Human looking, but there was an Eforisan, an Orion and a Vulcan. Each one was armed with standard issue Phaser and Tricorder combination but of course they were suited to fit their needs and specialities.

Vincent looked to the group assembled before him and switched on his presentation. It was always an interesting sight to see a large group of people with the same divisional uniform on, and for a change he was the odd one out. He cleared his throat. 

"Thank you all for coming to this mandatory training session," Vincent started, "Now I will keep this short. Today we are going to do several clearance sweeps through both Deck 2 and 3. You are going to work in small and large teams to efficiently repel simulated boarders from the vessel. I have oultined the areas you are to clear," He explained, turning to the map behind him "The doors marked red are rooms to sweep and clear, doors marked black are not to be entered, they dont exist for the purpose of this exercise. And finally those marked in yellow are potentially populated by personnel. Any personnel encountered are to be secured and taken to the nearest turbolift, under guard. There was a memo sent out about training on these decks so most people are or should be aware of what is going on."

"Now finally, I have rigged up several portable holographic emitters to act as our targets for today. These will be scattered around the decks and will change location each run through," Vincent finished, "Any questions, comments or complaints?"

Rhodes kept his grumbling to himself for once. He was never a fan of these mandatory training sessions, and that went double for ones being run by the ship's first officer. He'd much prefer to spend his shift hours sat doing nothing in the brig, but he had learnt long ago that his life went easier if he just turned up to the minimal number of mandatory training sessions required and kept his mouth shut. As a regular security officer with no extra speciality beyond brig guard duty, he had only a standard hand phaser and tricorder, rather than some of the customised rifle configurations of some of the others.

"Outstanding. Lieutenant Barnaby knows your teams better than I do, so he will put you into your sections," Commander Holt said, raising his hand to point at Barnaby, "Over to you Lieutenant."

Barnaby nodded as he took over. "Thank you Sir, alright listen in I've been working on the roster based on experience and skill sets." He looked at the PADD. "Alpha Team are with me, Chief Tyler, Ensign Saeed, Crewmen Walker, Petrov and S'rilla." He motioned for them to form up. "Sigma Team will be with Commander Holt, Petty Officer Saunders, Crewman Dek, Young, T'mek and Petty Officer Kendall." 

Barnaby then looked back at his additional notes. "Ensign Krylore, you'll be assigned to the XO's team and Petty Officer Rhodes you have been assigned to me." The Security Chief then yielded the floor back to Commander Holt.

"First run through will be Sigma team on Deck 2, and Alpha team on Deck 3. Rotate your point person on each run through, and you will  be breaching by stacking up against the wall first. First person in takes left, second right and sweep the room until it is completely clear. Those outside the room are to cover those breaching, hopefully you either know all this or will learn it today," Vincent continued. He knew he was going over things lightly, but there was the potential he could bore them all to death, "From this point on act on the assumption that the ship has been boarded by hostile forces. Weapons up, buddy up and move out."

With that the teams moved across the room to the exit, splitting off to seperate turbolifts.

---Deck 2---

Sigma readied up at the turbolift exit. The corridor led straight to a T-junction, with the doors to the mess hall on either side, as well as the Captain's private dining room, that meant 4 doors to cover and a large room to clear. 

"Alright Sigma, push up and cover both directions at the T-junction" Holt said, raising his weapon to a ready position. He had programmed the holographic emitters to a random site to site transport algorithm that would change with every run-through. To a point he had no idea what to expect either. Made the training somewhat more fun for him. 

Making their way up to the intersection they encountered no contacts. Holding the position Holt corrected one crewman's stance, and pushed another into a kneeling position. A slight hiss of a door opening startled the group and rifles swung to the direction of the noise. Seeing a teal undershirt, fingers came off their triggers as the friendly was identified. 

Seeing herself on the wrong end of several phasers Ensign Belford went an interesting shade of white, and instinctively put her hands up. 

"Ensign, come to me." Holt whispered, gesturing his hand to him. As she came closer he pulled her close to whisper orders, "Training exercise. Come around to my back, grab my belt and keep your arm slightly rigid, when I move, you move. Forward, back, left and right, clear?"

The Ensign whispered a reply and did as instructed. Remaining behind the commander and using him basically as a human shield until they delivered her to the turbolift. 

Vex was slightly surprised at the XO's hands on approach, although it wasn't entirely unwarranted. Several of his teammates were having issues with stances and even how they held their fingers on the triggers. Nothing awful but enough that seemed to have bothered Holt and if he was honest, bothered himself slightly. The whole drill remained him of the drills that he ran back home with his homeguard. His gaze swept the area in front of him, looking for the slightest hint of anything out of place.

Holt noted that most training in this manner was mostly waiting for something to happen, 30 seconds to a minute of adrenaline and instinct then back to waiting for something to happen once again. A holographic target rounded a corner, and without even having a chance to say contact, the figure had been riddled with shots to it's midsection. Dropping to a heap on the floor unceremoniously, it's holographic buddies came charging out after it, and meeting the same fate. 

A small seige broke out like this, and Holt ordered the team to push up as to not get stuck in the same position to be potentially outflanked. So far he was impressed, with a small push in the right direction this team would find themselves extremely capable. 

A few stray phaser blasts sparked off the wall around Vex. He took a deep breath, brought up his weapon and fired several shots in a three-round burst pattern. All Unkari weapons were set up to fire in three-round bursts, and he had taken to using the same pattern, even with Starfleet weapons. His first series of shots caused the attacker to duck back. The second series drove him backwards and when the man leaned out again, one of Vex's teammates scored a direct hit, dissovling him into shards of light.

Barnaby was monitoring their progress from the Assembly point and for the most part he was impressed. The XO was very involved and that was a good thing especially for morale of the Crew.

"Clear!" Vex said. He lowered his weapon slightly and looked down at the wrist mounted combat oriented tricorder. "No hostiles left on this deck.... at least according to sensors."

"Alright, check safe, sling and hydrate," Holt ordered, small amount of sweat had started trickling down his forhead. "Sigma team good work, that will be all for today, return your weapons to the Armoury and from there you are dismissed."

"Holt to Barnaby, wrap up your final run-through if you haven't already and dismiss your team," Holt said as he followed the rest of the weary personnel, "I want an after action report tomorrow morning."

"Aye Sir." Kevin then directs his Team to finish their run and check their weapons. "Alright boys and girls that's us done for the morning, check your gear and then get it stowed away." Barnaby then directed Saeed to store the weapons.

Gradually as they all filtered away, it left Barnaby to collect the information from the exercise and prepare his reports.

Lt. Commander Vincent Holt
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Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby
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Ensign Vex Krylore
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Petty Officer Charles Rhodes (NPC - Williams)
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