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Main Bridge   The bridge was the starship equivalent of an operations centre or command centre. On Starfleet ships, it is generally located near the top and front of a vessel. From here, the commanding officers supervise all ship's operations, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems
Captain's Ready Room   The captain's ready room is a personal office reserved for the commanding officer of a starship and is accessed from the bridge.

Here, the captain can engage in administrative work with all the relevant office equipment at hand without interfering with bridge operations. In addition, this room is usually the preferred place where the captain can hold private discussions and/or receive classified communications.
Briefing Room   The briefing room is a dedicated area on Federation starships and on Federation facilities where senior staff can conduct meetings and various conferences. On starships, it is located next to the ship's main bridge.
First Officer's Office  
Chief Operations Officer's Office  
Chief Engineer's Office  
Captain's Quarters  
First Officer's Quarters  
Senior Officers Quarters  
Junior Officers & Crew Quarters  
Mess Hall  
Aft Lounge  
Main Engineering  
Tactical Offices  
Security Offices  
Phaser Range  
Torpedo Magazines & Launchers  
Science Labs  
Astrometrics Lab  
Sickbay Support Systems  
Cargo Bays  
Transporter Rooms  
Industrial Replicators  
Computer Core  
Aerowing Runabout Bay & Control  
Shuttlebay Flight Control  
Workpod Storage