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Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby

Kevin William Barnaby

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Biographical Information

Homeworld New Washington
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Year 2358
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 195lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Kevin is a tall individual, who has several tattoo's on his body with an ace of spades on his the left part of his chest and a rain drop on his forearm. His time as a Marine also meant that he has several tattoo's relating to the Marines over his body/

He is well built with a toned physique which he has maintained from his time as a Marine

Family Data

Father Sergeant Major Darren Barnaby (ret)
Mother Dr Francessca Barnaby PHD
Brother(s) Sergeant Lucas Barnaby
Sister(s) Major Elizabeth Foster
Other Family Commander Damien Foster (Brother in Law)

Personality Profile

General Overview Kevin is a very by the book kind of Officer, he takes his job very seriously and isn't one for slacking off or a lack of effort. His Command style is such that he wouldn't ask somebody to do a job he himself would not do.

He does however have a caring side and he takes time to learn about all of those that serve under him and alongside him. The safety pf his Ship and Shipmates always comes first
Strengths & Weaknesses He is a man with a very broad background of knowledge, with skills as a former medic and Marine, which has served him well up to now. he knows a little about Phaser and Disruptor weapons and an extensive knowledge of Explosives.

Kevin does tend to speak his mind and voice his opinion whether it is requested or otherwise. This is one thing some see as his biggest fault.
Ambitions His only ambition is to serve and get the job done to the best of his ability.

Though recently he has considered also becoming a General and wildly considering becoming a Command Officer, but for the moment his current posting is his main focus.
Hobbies & Interests On his down time he is a keen reader of classic crime fiction and of horror stories. He is also a fan of Ice Hockey and likes to play it on the holodeck.
Languages English, Klingonese, Andorian,

Personal Relationships

Family Sergeant Major Darren Barnaby, SFMC (Ret)

Kevin and his father had at a time a very strong relationship. Both serving in the Marines and as Platoon NCO's they had a lot in common and Darren served as the ideal rolemodel when Kevin was growing up. Though over the last few years their relationship has been strained since Kevin opted to switch to the Fleet.

Kevin has not been in regular contact with his father over the last few years, with the occasional visit to his family home or the odd subspace message.

Dr Francessca Barnaby

His mother was always the voice of reason within his life, she kept him firmly grounded and always knew when he needed reigning in. Her job as a Senior Criminology Lecturer meant that he was always hearing fascinating insights into Crime and Justice. This helped fuel his career change when he joined Security. They keep in regular contact.

Sergeant Lucas Barnaby

As the youngest of the Barnaby children, Lucas worshiped his older brother. For a time they were inseparable and like his father and brother joined the Marines in the Infantry. When Kevin became an Officer and switched to the Fleet it altered their relationship to the extent that there is a lot of animosity between the two,

Major Elizabeth Foster

His sister was always the ambitious one of the family. She attended Officer Candidate School and became an Officer, the first one in her family to ever do so. She married a Starfleet officer and currently resides in Toronto with her Husband. She and Kevin have a good relationship to the extent that her Husband and Kevin served together at a posting and they maintain regular messages.
Relationships Growing up as a Marine and from place to place, Kevin has had little or very few relationships. He has had a series of on and off again girlfriends whilst serving.

He fell in love once though that relationship ended badly.
Friendships Commander Damian Foster

His Brother in Law and from all accounts his closest friend since he switched to Starfleet. The two men share a common love of Ice Hockey and when they get chance, make it a ritual to see a Game when they're both on Earth. Damian helped Kevin with his transition to the Fleet and they served together on the USS Premonition which helped them both forge a bond.

Sergeant Hector Gonzalez

Kevin and Hector served together with EOD on Tragia Prime, at first they did not get on and had a mutual dislike for each other. However following an incident in which several Marines were killed and Hector seriously injured, Kevin went back to save the Marine and satyed with him until help arrived. Following this incident and Kevins subsequent promotion to Second Lieutenant, Hector considered him to be a close friend.

Personal History

Personal History Kevin was born on Earth on October 7th in the City of Chester England, He was the middle son of the Company Gunnery Sergeant and Chief Archaeologist. But with his father being a serving Marine he grew up onboard Starbases and Ships until he was ten when his family settled on the New Washington Colony.

New Washington is where he considers to be his home. His family have a house there in the City of New Haven and this is where Kevin spent most of his childhood and teenage life. He attended local high school where excelled in practical sports such as soccer and rugby, he also took up fencing,
With him being from a Marine family he did what his older sister and his father had done, and Enlisted when he was 18 going off to Earth to join the Marines
Education He attended School in New Haven and played several sports including Soccer and Rugby and also captained the fencing team. Academically he was an average student who enjoyed Physical Sports but also History and Psychology.

He graduated in the top tier of his class and Enlisted in the Marines at 18

Career History

Early Career Kevin Enlisted in the Starfleet Marines when he was 18 years old. He completed all of his basic training and showed an aptitude in Explosives and was assigned to Explosive Ordnance Disposal or EOD. He also received additional training in battlefield first aid before Shipping out to USS Nigeria.

His time on Nigeria was quiet due to the fact that the Dominion War had ended a few years previous so this resulted in more exploration and less combat mostly dealing with the last of the Dominion Holdouts and the pockets of resistance that came from the Breen and elements of the Jem'Hadar. He served there for 18 months before he was reassigned to Earth.

His assignment on Earth was focused more on developing his skills with him serving at Camp Pendleton as part of the Quick Reaction Forces and then reassigned to the EOD Battalion who were short of a Disposal Tech.

His Unit were assigned to the Tragia Cluster which was known for its somewhat unstable governments and this time he found himself diffusing explosives whilst treating wounds of the innocent civillians that lived there. He gained Promotion to Corporal within a year and then Sergeant within another two years mainly because they were short of experiences NCO's at Camp Freedom.

After an incident which resulted in the loss of seven Marines and the serious injuries of eleven more, Kevin earned a few ribbons Kevin was granted a Commission as a Second Lieutenant due to the loss of experienced Marines, taking Command of his old Platoon. They transferred off Tragia Prime shortly afterwards. The much older Lieutenant remained in his post as EOD Platoon Commander up until 2385. Though by this stage of his career he had grown weary of the Marines.
Later Postings In late 2385 whilst serving on the USS Queen Elizabeth, the Ship was attacked and boarded by unknown Forces. The Marines and Security forces attempted to repel boarders but sadly the Captain and her XO were killed in the initial assault and as a result Kevin assumed temporary status as her Chief Security Officer until the end of the mission. It was at this stage that Kevin decided that he had seen enough bloodshed and after a temporary leave of absence he transferred to the Fleet.

This cause of action caused a lot of problems within his family to the extent that his father and brother refused to speak to him. He undertook courses in Security and Tactical before being assigned to the USS Premonition. Serving alongside his Brother in Law who was the Science Officer was a welcome relief and helped in his transition to life as a Starfleet officer, he remained on the Premonition until 2389 as Chief of Security.

By 2389 Kevin was transferred to Starbase 778 as Chief of Security and had to make use of his EOD Training when an explosive was found during a summit of foreign delegates. He served with distinction until 2391.
USS Highlander There was a vacancy for Chief of Security on the Intrepid Class Starship, USS Highlander in 2391. Kevin applied for the vacancy and after a short period of time his transfer was approved. He saw the posting as an opportunity to make use of his varied skillset in a way that he could serve the Highlander proud.


2375/2376 - Basic Training, Starfleet marine Corps

2376/2378 - USS Nigeria - SFMC Detachment

2378 - Earth, SF Marine Quick Reaction Force, later reassigned to EOD/

2378/2383 - Tragian Cluster - EOD NCO and later commissioned as Second Lieutenant

2383/2385 - Assigned as Platoon CO, EOD

2385 - Platoon Commander of SFMC Detachment on USS Queen Elizabeth, served as acting Chief of Security following loss of several Senior Staff

2386 - LOA and later transfer to Starfleet Security, rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

2386/2389 Undertook Security and Tactical Courses at Starfleet before assignment to USS Premonition as Chief of Security.

2389/2391 - Starbase 778 as Chief of Security.

2391 - Assigned as Chief of Security to USS Highlander