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Meeting Someone New

Posted on Sun Mar 11th, 2018 @ 5:19am by Ensign Briar Martin & Ensign Vex Krylore

Episode: The Deuterium Argument [Rebooted]
Location: Torpedo Bay
Timeline: During Sensor Sweep

There was a spark and then a puff of smokem prompting Vex to swear loudly in both Unkari and Spanish. He wasn't sure exactly how they managed to mess up the targeting sensors or torpedo optics but once they brought them online here in the Delta Quadarant, Vex had noticed they were off by several microns. Not enough for the weapons not to hit their targets but enough that Vex noticed. Now, he was down in the torpedo bay, tinkering with the systems. Vex heard another series of boots on the deck and turned around.

"Am I disturbing you?"

"Not at all," Vex said, wiping his hands in his pants. He extended his hand to the other gold collared officer. "I'm Vex Krylore, and you are?"

"Briar Martin," Brian said, taking the others hand. "I'm the new inflirtration specialist, I came aboard just before we went through the catapult."

"I didn't even know we were getting one," Vex said. 

"I can double as a pilot too," Briar remarked. "This mission to the Delta Quadrant is supposed to bring us back to our roots as explorers, hopefully you need me in that capacity."

"Either way I'm glad to have you onboard."

Briar looked around him at the still smoking piece of equipment. "Having some problems there?" he asked, nodding toward it.

"Targeting sensors and optics are slightly out of whack," Vex replied. "I was looking them over. Like you said, hopefully security and tactical have a pretty dull mission assignment while we are here. But, if for some reason that changes, I want us to be ready."

"The suepreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

Vex inclined his head. "Klingon saying?"

"Not at all," Briar replied. "It's from an ancient earth master of warfare named Sun Tzu."

"Interesting, I'll have to ask Theo about it some time... you look familiar, is this your first assignment?"

Briar nodded. "Yeah, I'm guess we saw each other at the academy a few times though. Were you heavy into sports?"

"I played soccer," Vex said. "You?"

"Wrestling, archery, and gymnastics," Briar replied, blushing slightly. "Sorry, sometimes I sound like a total overacheiver."

"Driven is more like it, are you busy right now?" 

Briar shook his head.

"Care to give me a hand on this damn system? I could use another set of eyes."

"Sure, I can see what I can do," Briar answered. "No garuntee that I'll be able to help."

"It's not like you're going to make anything worse," Vex said. He arched an eyebrow. "Wait, are you going to make it worse?"

Briar grinned. "Doubtful... but weirder things have happened."

"Oh you have no idea," Vex said. "Let's see what we can do."