Star Trek


Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Officer’s Briefing Room, Multi-use offices, Aft Bridge Airlock, and Upper Sensor Platform

Deck 2

Officer's Mess, Senior Officers and VIP Quarters, Executive Officer’s Office, Labs and Storage, Upper Sensor Platform Subsystems and Captain's Mess

Deck 3

Captain's Quarters, Officers' Quarters, and VIP Quarters, Chief Operations Officer's Office, Equipment Storage, Torpedo Loading Maintenance, Testing Isolation Chamber, and Turbolift Maintenance

Deck 4

Crew quarters, Transporter Rooms 1-3, Aft Photon Torpedo Launchers, Phaser Maintenance, and Forward Sensor Pallet Subsystems

Deck 5

Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Counselor's Office, Crew Quarters, Library, Holodecks 1-2, Sensor Gear, and Science Labs

Deck 6

Crew Quarters, Non-Specific Science Labs, Armory, Security Offices, Chief Security Officer's Office, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Auxiliary Computer Core (upper), Consumables Resupply Connectors, Gym

Deck 7

Auxilliary Computer Core (lower), Upper Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Labs, Escape Pod Access, Brig, RCS Thruster Access, Deuterium Tankage, Warp Engine Core Injector Access

Deck 8

Astrometrics, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Docking Ports, Lower Cargo Bays 1 & 2, Deuterium Tankage, Aft Work Pod Storage

Deck 9

Cargo Loading Doors, Aerowing Shuttle Dock, Labs, Upper Aerowing Shuttle Dock, Main Shuttlebay (upper), Upper Premix Chamber, Flight Control Center, Flight Control Offices

Deck 10

Main Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Storage, Aft EV Access Airlock, Upper Main Computer Core, Main Engineering (upper), Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers, Reserve Warp Engine Core, Main Navigational Deflector

Deck 11

Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Aft Lounge, Upper Warp Core Mixing Chamber, Auxiliary Warp Engine, Lower Main Computer Core, and Main Navigational Deflector

Deck 12

Environmental Control, Antimatter Tankage, Main Deflector Control Systems, and Lower Warp Core

Deck 13

Lower Warp Core, Labs, Maintenance Access

Deck 14

Antimatter Processing, Aft Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Ground Hover Footpad Systems, and Warp Core Ejection Hatch

Deck 15

Antimatter Loading Port, Forward Tractor Beam Emitter, Tractor Beam Subsystems, Plasma Relay Control Rooms, and Ground Hover Footpads