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Biographical Information

Homeworld Cestus III
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Year 2353
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 151lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Being of average height and build Vincent does not stand out when in a crowd when in uniform. However out of uniform he boasts a toned physique and several scars. Having been a marine and security officer for many years, his personal grooming is always maintained. In his recent years, he has maintained a small about of stubble, giving him more of a rough look.

On duty, Vincent finds he runs a little warmer than his colleagues, and when applicable wears the Duty vest alternative uniform. As a former marine/security officer, he always chooses to carry a Type-1 Phaser, Flashlight and Dagger on his person, the dagger hidden in his boot.

Family Data

Spouse None at present
Children None at present
Father LtCmndr. Miller Holt, Chief Strategic Operations, USS Odyssey (Destroyed 2370)
Mother Dr. Naomi Holt, Teacher, USS Odyssey (Destroyed 2370)

Personality Profile

General Overview Is usually a reserved and quiet individual, but can be prone to outburst of either humour or frustration. Listens intently to conversations and either adds in his relevant information or lets slip a mostly sarcastic or witty remark. The reaction is either surprise or annoyance as his deadpan delivery is hard to crack, causing some confusion. However cannot handle those who waffle and will call those out who are skipping a point or playing the blame game. Not entirely the best tactic with leadership, but it has worked for him so far.

Isnt one to underestimate a situation, through logical thinking can usually ascertain something not thought of in initial process. Has a keen intuition that he has learned to listen to.

Keeps to himself most of the time, but can be seen in public areas. Sometimes plays the brooding type when on a new ship, not wanting to upset the boat by interjecting his opinion where it doesn't belong.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Logical/Tactical/Realistic Thinker
- Wit
- Combat techniques
- Survival skills
- Loyal

- Sometimes Arrogant
- Introverted - mainly as a defense mechanism
- Outwardly gruff
- Quick to anger
Ambitions Getting a Command of his own, preferably a smaller vessel, either a Sabre class or Norway class. Doesn't want to become an Admiral, if anything would want to retire to Andor after serving as a Captain for a number of years. Always liked the idea of owning his own vessel and jetting around the cosmos.
Hobbies & Interests Historical Research Enjoys reading through various facets of history, mainly an interest in military history, of Ancient Earth and other cultures in and out of the Federation. Has an affinity for historical holo-programs depicting battles and events of history. Has an extensive library of ancient books on multiple subjects.

Training Regimes Finds and completes various training regimes to better his skills, uses the knowledge in turn to make his combat and leadership styles more refined. Enjoys completing shoot houses and open range exercises with multiple weapons systems, keeping his tactical drills and weapons transitions up to speed.

Pipes and Drums Was a Snare Drum Sergeant in the band onboard the USS Flying Scotsman, and continues to practice on the holodeck. Is now learning the Bagpipes. Commissioned a drum maker to create him a drum for use on the Scotsman, it now resides at his residence on Cestus III, he has a replicated version with him on his Assignments.

Vehicles Is interested in many different types of vehicles, and is often found piloting various ones on the Holodeck, from historical cars to repulsor vehicles.

Blacksmithing Has made various swords with the use of Holographic forges and raw materials, to interesting result.
Languages Federation Standard, Gaelic, Klingon

Personal Relationships

Family Father:
Growing up on a starship was a great experience and one that Vincent couldn't thank his father enough for. Given Vincent's enthusiasm for joining Starfleet, the two got on rather well. Allowing him freedom to roam the ship was also another reason Vincent adored his father. However the incident with the marines started a fascination for Vincent that his father tried to steer him clear of, wanting a more intellectual career than he had experienced himself. However the more Miller pressed, the more Vincent was encouraged. After the death of his father, he was torn between his father's wishes and the want to enact revenge. After the Dominion war, Vincent was given an opportunity to change to Starfleet Navy, something he had always wished. He turned his career around in a way that his father would have been proud of.

Having a mother as a teacher was hard on Vincent, as the need to learn was always present, as was the inability to slack on homework. His relationship with his mother was strained. However forced into learning did assist him later in life and he found no issue with applying for further study.
Relationships Lieutenant Thassia Zh'kirisor:
Was Vincent's first love, after having met at the conclusion of the Dominion war. She was an Andorian Zhen and was going through similar courses to Vincent. After working together on a major assignment the two found they had similar interests and hit it off. They received a reprimand during a survival course on Vulcan when they were caught having intercourse in a tent.

Having such a passionate relationship did lead to it getting them in trouble, as instead of going to classes, they skipped to be with each other. A call was made from the Andorian homeworld for Thassia's year group, as they were all coming of age to start the reproduction cycle. Given the population decline of Andoria, each individual was required to form bond groups. She was given a leave of absence to return, and had a large question to ask Vincent. With the permission of her bond group he was invited to join their mating, it was his first experience with both genders and an exhilarating and maturing experience. The bonding was successful and they bore 3 children. Vincent returned to classes to finish his course, Thassia decided to postpone her studies indefinitely to care for the children, this was the end of their relationship. Both had agreed they were on different paths in life and parted ways. They stay in contact and Vincent received a sacred Andorian totem as a gift from the group.
Friendships Major Medhurst:
Described as a cruel task master, this officer was the one instrumental in pushing Vincent, and molding him into a officer worthy of leading. Basically describing his training as life or death it brought home the realities of what he was doing, if Vincent froze or didn't have a plan it could mean the deaths of people. Initially hating on the grouchy instructor, Holt came to revere his mentor, learning about his extensive military record. Having fought in the Cardassian war and several smaller engagements he was worth listening to. Holt modeled his leadership style on Medhurst, tweaking and smoothing some of the rough edges. Vincent still uses many of Medhurst's sayings, such as 'Hurry up and wait,' and 'You are only as fast as your slowest member.'

Captain Shafto:
Another officer that Vincent did not care for was Captain Shafto, a career marine with a few more years his senior, Shafto was not the friendliest to new officers. Potentially expecting more and judging sooner than was socially allowed, Shafto was running on a different timescale, War. This caused friction with Holt, on one occasion going so far as to disobey orders during a tactical exercise. He received a drumming down, this was handled privately. It was only through combat on a Dominion held planet, that the two began to work together properly. Having had his 2IC killed in the deployment, Shafto grabbed Holt as the replacement. The two reached a point of mutual respect from that point on.

Personal History

Personal History Born on Cestus III to a career Starfleet officer and a history teacher, Vincent was never at a loss for learning opportunities. Living with his mother on Cestus for many years, he was 12 years old before the family moved to the USS Odyssey, a Galaxy class Starship. This was a great realization for Vincent and as a young boy he managed to explore almost every area of the Starship, even managing to breach security in some areas. His favourite area to stay was the Flight lounge that over looked the main shuttle bay. Most of the pilots grew fond of him, and even though it was an area off limit to non-flight personnel, they allowed him to stay.

This love of watching Flight operations lent itself to him wanting to join Starfleet as a pilot, and his father indulged him, allowing one of the Shuttle crews to take him on a jaunt into an asteroid field. A collision between two asteroids containing precious metals caused a small Electro-Magnetic pulse to knock out the shuttle's power. Drifting, the shuttle struck a large asteroid and was not discovered for several hours. The whole experience shook Vincent, but didn't expel the wish to become a pilot.

Upon the age of 16 the Odyssey conducted a training exercise with another Vessel. The exercise was to conduct a boarding of the Odyssey to test both the defense of her security and marine detachment and the boarder's capabilities. As a non-combatant Vincent was caught out of area during the operation. A boarding marine fire team moved through the corridor, coming across Vincent and firing upon him. Stunned, he woke up hours later confused and in awe of what had occurred. The speed and ferocity of what he had witnessed made him investigate. He was left with a decision, join the Marines or Navy.

After months of uncertainty the decision was made for Vincent. Evacuated to Deep Space 9, the non-essential personnel left the Odyssey as it ventured into the Gamma Quadrant to investigate the Dominion. His father remained on board as was his duty, his mother however stayed with the ship to document the investigation from a non-Starfleet point of view. As the vessel was rammed and subsequently destroyed, it prompted his application to the Starfleet Marine Corps. In his eyes it was the best and quickest way to get revenge on the Dominion.
Education Primary Education:
Pike City Elementary 2359-2364
USS Odyssey Classroom 2364-2365

Secondary Education: USS Odyssey Higher Education Program. 2365-2369
Design and Art
Basic Flight Operations
Klingon Language
Classic and Federation Literature
Military History
Federation History

Starfleet Marine Officer Candidate School. 2370-2373.
Major: Infantry Platoon Leader Class
Minor: Starship Logistics and Support Coordination

Starfleet School Of Security and Tactical. 2375-2376
Major: Starship Security Operations Training Course
Minor: Tactical Systems Shipboard

Starfleet Command Bridge Officer's Course. 2386-2387

Career History

Starfleet Academy 2370
Applying to Starfleet Marine OCS was an easy decision for Vincent, however guided by potentially unhealthy motives. There was a ramping up of recruitment for the Marine Corps, as there potentially was a war in the works. Dominion aggression was something that Vincent looked for actively in the news feeds. Having such a vested interest in the goings on of the war brought attention from Councillors, who sought to help alleviate the anguish felt by the young Marine Candidate.

Upon advice from the Councillors, he poured himself into his studies, training harder than others in his classes. At several points during his studies he had opportunities for more advanced classes, qualifying on Phaser Carbines, both Urban and Environment combat courses and working on developing insertion tactics for Marine Strike groups.

One of his instructors Major Medhurst was instrumental in keeping Vincent occupied for the duration of his training. Giving him lectures when he failed, and more study than Vincent knew what to do with.

Upon the opening of the Dominion war, training was ramped up and those Cadets in their 3rd and 4th Years were up for review. Major Medhurst personally recommended Holt for commission. He passed the review and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant on the USS Wasp as a Platoon Commander.
Early Career His first assignment was to the USS Wasp, as 4 Platoon 1 Coy, Commanding officer, under the command of Marine Captain Shafto. Holt and Shafto butted heads about training regimes and protocols, even with the young Lieutenant having sound suggestions.

The USS Wasp was one unlucky vessel, undergoing a landing operation to insert Marines onto a planet held by the Dominion, the Wasp and it’s escorts were destroyed by Dominion forces. Leaving the Company without a ship or means of escape. Completing their objectives however saw them capturing a communications post and pacifying the Dominion forces in their immediate area. Over the course of 16 days they held off enemy attacks and awaited extraction. Shafto wrote up the after action report commending Holt and his platoons actions during the combat.

One of the ships in the recovery flotilla was the USS Pleiades, an almost ancient Miranda class vessel which was assigned to mainly a support role. His platoon was ordered as a defensive measure, but could also act as a Quick Reaction Force. It was at this point he received his first promotion to 1st Lieutenant.

Responding to a distress call from a convoy, the Pleiades encountered a Jem'hadar ship making strafing runs on multiple vessels. The Pleiades engaged and ordered the platoon to board the vessels in the convoy to repel any Jem'hadar boarders and secure the ships. In the ensuing firefight, Pleiades lost a nacelle in a weapons strike. Igniting the plasma trail from the venting nacelle when the Jem'hadar ship became close enough engulfed the enemy in an explosion, giving the Pleiades a win.

Transferring to the USS Dublin was unknowingly Vincent's last posting as a Marine and reunited him with now Major Shafto. The Dublin was involved in the retaking of Betazed. The conclusion of the war was not close behind the last major infantry battle the Holt was part of.

At the ramping down of the conflict, Marines were retiring or being woven in to existing Security ranks. The need for such a large standing Marine force was not present any longer. Vincent was recommended for conversion training by both Major Medhurst and Major Shafto.
Later Postings 2375
Returning to Earth following the cessation of hostilities, Holt and many of the personnel who had not completed their training went through their final qualifications. For most it was a continuation of what they had already been doing, as for Holt it was a new beginning. Being commissioned for the duration of training as a Provisional Lieutenant JG, he was converted into the Starfleet Naval Command, Security and Training Division. Most of his combat skills transferred, just had to iron out any idiosyncrasies from the Marine Corps ethos. It was also at this point he learnt Ship board weapons systems, and how to be a serviceable tactical officer.

It was also the point where he met Thassia Zh'kirisor, and the two became lovers. Complications of Andorian mating forced the two to be extremely close for a time, but to then separate due to different life goals. It was around this time he had a small LOA to Andor.

His first Naval assignment was to the USS Hammersly, a small patrol vessel charged with quick reaction and courier type missions. A majority of the time it was run of the mill, putting out small disputes and assisting with any mission charged to the Hammersly. However the Hammersly did offer a lot of experience, as Holt was often put in charge of the Late shift to gain command experience. Hitting a subspace eddy, the ships power overloaded, causing blowouts all over the ship, incapacitating most of the command staff, except for Holt and some junior officers on the Late shift. The ship listing towards some debris they were heading to investigate, they managed to rig the bridge escape pods to use their RCS thrusters to change the trajectory of the ship. But due to Newton's first law, they continued toward the hazard, it was only timely venting of the Shuttle bay that allowed them to avert disaster.

Being such a small vessel in peace time did not allow for much chance for promotion, and as such after 4 years, he put in for a transfer. By this stage his performance had warranted his consideration for more prestigious assignments.

He applied for and got a position on the USS Valhalla. It was almost unsettling for Vincent as the Valhalla was a Galaxy class ship, akin to one he grew up on. It was an ambivalent moment as he knew each corridor and crew lounge, but the faces, the decor and the feel was different. Now he was authorized to go anywhere he wanted, and still wound up in the Flight Operations lounge.

Part of a Duck-Blind mission to Ratisz IV, Vincent was in command of the Security team assigned to protect the scientists. As a precaution the Captain ordered them all to be surgically modified, so that if their cloaking suits failed, they could blend in with the general population. Thankfully this contingency was present, as whilst investigating a deposit of ore nearby a water supply, Vincent's suit failed. Ditching the suit he was discovered by the primitive peoples he was sent to watch. Claiming he was from another clan, some distance from their village, he was welcomed by the indigenous. Whilst several extractions failed over the course of a couple weeks, he made signals to those observing him that he was in good health and was almost enjoying himself. The lack of technology gave him the ability to hunt for food, make tools and items. After insistence of his Captain, who personally came down in a Cloak suit, he made his goodbyes and packed his gear for the 'journey' back to his own village. When he was far enough away from the area, he was beamed up. He was reprimanded for taking so long to pull himself out of a dangerous situation, he was then debriefed by the Duck-blind staff. As a bonus, he was given a real fire forged sword by the indigenous race, and is now one of his prized possessions.

Transferring after 4 years of continued service, Vincent was assigned to Deep Space Nine (II), the replacement for the destroyed Cardassian-turned-Federation station. On this state of the art station he commanded the Gamma Shift Security watch. This was a culmination of training for Vincent, as this new position was almost like being a platoon commander once again.

In 2385 as the Station was being commissioned, the Federation President was assassinated. Vincent brought his shift to 'Stand to' readiness in case it was needed, but the shift commander at the time requested his people not get in the way of any pursuit or investigation. Vincent was initially annoyed at the apparent lack of respect, but then reminded himself of what he would do in the same situation, He would want to use his own people. With permission, he deployed his people to important areas and helped conduct searches on any vessel in the stations perimeter.

The idea of commanding a starship was always there in the back of his mind, and so requested to take the Bridge Officer Qualifications and to once again, change the colour of his undershirt. Passing the certification on his second attempt he was reassigned to the USS Flying Scotsman as her First Officer, gaining a hollowed out pip, and some musty dank quarters on the old Miranda Class vessel. Being as old as she was there was always work to be done bringing the ships systems back online. The Scotsman boasted a rich heritage of Scottish tradition, and it was here that Vincent picked up a love and interest of classical regimental bagpipe music as well as a love for a certain green steam locomotive. There was a mandatory history lesson on assignment to the Scotsman, as well as a ship's tartan. The Scotsman was loved by her crew, which came as a disappointment when she was decommissioned in 2390.

Reassignment saw him in an interesting position of supervising officer of a yet to be constructed ship, the USS Kukri. Past experience with caretaker officer positions had Vincent of the opinion he was to command the vessel, with no official confirmation or rejection of such an appointment. Consistent inquiries and requests were left answered ambivalently, and Vincent continued on with his Duty of making sure the construction of the Sabre class starship continued without a hitch.


2370 - 2373 - Starfleet Marine Officer Candidates School
- Cadet 4th Class - Cadet 2nd Class

2373 - Assigned To USS Wasp (Curry Class) Under Colonel Capao - Platoon Commander: 4Pl/1 Coy/2 Bn/71St Fmf
- 2nd Lieutenant

2373 - 2374 - USS Wasp Destroyed - Assigned To USS Pleiades (Miranda Class) - Platoon Commander: 4Pl/1 Coy/2 Bn/71St Fmf
- 2nd Lieutenant - Lieutenant

2374 - 2375 - USS Pleiades Damaged - Assigned To USS Dublin (Akira Class) - Platoon Commander: 2Pl/2 Coy/2 Bn/36Th Fmf
- Lieutenant

2375 - 2376 - Transferred To Starfleet Academy School Of Security
- Lieutenant - Provisional Lieutenant JG

2376 - 2380 - Assigned to USS Hammersly (Armadale Class) Under LtCmndr Fry - Assistant Chief Security Officer
- Provisional Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant JG

2380 - 2384 - Assigned to USS Valhalla (Galaxy Class) Under Captain Ko'ron - Assistant Chief Security Officer
- Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant

2384 - 2386 - Assigned to Deep Space 9 (Ii) Under Captain Ro Laren - Gamma Shift Watch Commander
- Lieutenant

2386 - 2387 - Starfleet Command Bridge Officer’s Course - Transferred to Command Division
- Lieutenant

2387 - 2390 - Assigned to USS Flying Scotsman (Miranda Class) Under Commander Hernandez - Executive Officer
- Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

2390 - Current - Assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleetyards as Supervising Officer - USS Kukri (Sabre Class)
- Lieutenant Commander