Star Trek


Captain's Log, Stardate 68133.2

Posted on Sun Jul 19th, 2015 @ 2:45pm by Captain Tim Williams

Kotan Entek is now safely locked away in our brig, and Ethan is back aboard, no worse for wear from his time on the table in the lab down there, physically at least. We still can't detect the creatures on the surface, so I've ordered all equipment from the lab be removed and transported up into cargobay two so we can analyse it later. We've even got Entek's shuttle in our shuttlebay. Brenor wasn't too happy about that, but there isn't much that he can do about it really. Even if he had tried to take it for himself, once we were inside it, all we had to do was activate the cloak and then we could have flown it into the shuttlebay without him even seeing it.

I've spoken with our new resident Doctor Frankenstein, as Karil described him. The man has no shred of remorse for whatever strange experiments he had to do to create those creatures, nor for the lives that they took down there. He's refusing to tell us how to detect them; he says that his techniques for hiding them in the first place are too valuable for him to tell us how to get around them. Can't say I'm surprised - or that he's wrong - but I hope to see to it that it doesn't matter to him anyway. As much as the Cardassians would love to be able to make their troops invisible to sensors, I plan on seeing that Entek doesn't get the chance to offer that in exchange for any freedoms. We have his computers and the corpse of one of his creatures, so I'm fairly certain that our people will be able to discover a way to locate the monsters, but in the meantime I have to declare Dreyas Four unsuitable for colonisation. I'm going to drop our colonists off at Starbase 126. Hopefully Starfleet can find them another world to settle upon; they've already left behind everything from their last homes, so it would be unfair to ask them to go back to their old lives and try to pick things up wherever they left off. In the meantime the Highlander needs to get back to our regular duties. This trip was supposed to be a milk run, to try and ease in the new crew after the incident on their last ship. What is it with Starfleet's missions in that milk runs are normally everything but?