Star Trek


Captain's Log, Stardate 68132.8

Posted on Fri Feb 27th, 2015 @ 9:15pm by Captain Tim Williams

We have just beamed teams down to the surface of Dreyas Four to attempt to search for the lab of Kotan Entek, who the Cardassians believe is using the planet as somewhere to hide out and conduct his illegal research. The Cardassians have told us that Entek was a former member of the Obsidian Order, and that he has been attempting to blend the genetics of multiple species in order to create some kind of ultimate shock trooper. Their information tallies up with what we discovered in the DNA left on the wounds of the two colonists lost when they were attacked by a creature on the surface, which contained fragments of DNA from at least half a dozen different species.

I'm inclined to believe what the Cardassians have told us about Entek, and we have been able to corroborate some of it with our own records. I do worry for my team, however - Dreyas Four is within Federation space, and many strands of DNA in the creature's fur and saliva was from Federation members. If we do find him on the surface and capture him, then he is in our jurisdiction. But I doubt that the Cardassians would want to allow us to take him and serve him Federation justice; no doubt a sentence of death or of covert work on behalf of the Cardassian military has already been decided for him on his homeworld. I don't expect that they'll try to take him by force, but I feel like I need to be prepared for any underhand tactics they might try in order to get Entek aboard their vessel and transported back to Cardassia.

I've already decided that we will hand off Entek if we capture him to the JAG at Starbase 126. If they want him, they can negotiate with the Judiciary there.

Until then, I just have to hope that whatever they might try in the meantime doesn't endanger my teams on the surface.