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Cometh the hour, Cometh the man

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 8:25pm by Lieutenant Kevin Barnaby & Ensign Vex Krylore

Episode: The Deuterium Argument [Rebooted]
Location: Chief Security Officers Office

Although Vex had enjoyed his time on the ocean world of Verona VI, he was more than happy to get back to the ship. While they were away a whole host of systems had been updated and that included some of the ships tactical hardware and programming. Vex was itching to get to work, he hadn't gotten a chance to really dive into the guts of the Highlander's tactical/defensensive systems on his last assignment. When he arrived back, he was told that they had a acquired a new Cheif of Security/Tactical and Vex was curious to meet the man. He stopped outside his office and hit hte door chime button.

"Come in." Kevin said as he unpacked his things in his new Office.

Vex stepped through the door and prepared to meet his new department head. These times were always a little... unsettling for the Unkari, most because he wasn't to sure how his new department head was going to respond to his occasional... aggressive honesty. 

"Ensign Krylore reporting as ordered sir."

Kevin nodded. "At ease Ensign." The Lieutenant motioned to the chair that was free. "Please have a seat. Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you sir," Vex said, taking the offered seat. "Are you getting settled in alright?"

The Englishman nodded. "More or less considering the Ship is underway with her refit and upgrades." Kevin then proceeded to sit down himself. 

"I think command is ready for us to get out there and get our feet wet," Vex replied. He tried getting a feel for the man by looking around his office but it appeared to be sparsely decorated so far. 

"From what I understand these upgrades are paramount for our forthcoming venture into the Delta Quadrant." Barnaby said as he got himself a cup of tea from the replicator.

Vex nodded. "I read about Voyager's return from the Delta Quadrant before I joined the acdemy. It's partly what prompted me to join Starfleet and not my own people's own space forces."

Kevin nodded and the Lieutenant took a sip from his tea and then set his cup down. "I don't think there is a single person who hasn't read anything at least related to Voyager and her exploits." 

Vex nodded. "Um, is there a reason that you wanted to see me sir?"

The Lieutenant nodded. "I've been reading your file, Highlander is your first assignment isnt it?" He asked.

"Yes sir, so far it has been.... interesting."

"Care to clarify for me Ensign?" He asked curiously to the young man.

"Our first mission had us rescuing a crew from a different phase on a ship that was lost a very long time ago," Vex replied. "Getting to know the crew has also been somewhat entertaining. My species tends to have problem being... overly honest on most occasion."

"I see." Kevin said with a nod at the Ensign. "I am not familiar with your species I must say in all honesty." 

"Most aren't sir," Vex replied. "In our society honesty is prized above all else. I've had to amend how I talk to people, least I offend them in some way. It can get very... exhausting at times."

Kevin nodded. "Well I am sure you are a credit to your race Ensign." The Lieutenant said with a smile. "I think we have covered much of our topic, unless there is anything you wanted to ask me?"

Vex cocked an eyebrow at his new department head. "That depends, how outspoken do you want me to be?"

With a cock of his own eyebrow, Kevin looked towards the Ensign. "Alright Ensign, you have my full attention."

"My job is to offer you alternatives, which I will do. I respect your authority but if you ask for my opinion you are going to get an honest one."

"I fully understand that and I welcome it." Kevin responded to him.

"Then I look forward to working with you sir," Vex smiled. "If you'll excuse me, I need to head down to the torpdeo bay and start work on upgrading the targeting sensors."

"Thank you Ensign, you're dismissed." Kevin said with a nod to the Officer.