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A Quartermaster's Job

Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 4:48pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Jordan Cassidy
Edited on on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 4:49pm

Episode: The Deuterium Argument [Rebooted]
Location: Main Cargo Bay
Timeline: MD1

Petty Officer Cassidy was one for routine, and since arriving on the Highlander as her Quartermaster, she was slowly finding that frame of mind. It honestly didn't start happening until they had left the fleet yard back home with the ship put back together and on the way to the Delta Quadrant.

She stood with her eyes glued to the over sized PaDD in her one hand carefully scrutinizing the inventory list with useage calculations running through her head. Crates were stacked in an organized fashion throughout the bay with deckhands scurrying about their own tasks.

With a soft sigh, she knew the farther from home and any readily available supply lines they became, the harder her job would become. But, she wasn't assigned to the Highlander and its extremely important mission because she couldn't handle it. But, then again, this would be the furthest she'd ever been and to be honest it frightened her a little. Her friends and family all behind her in the safety of federation space whereas they'd be going where Admiral Jayneway had gone with Voyager so many years ago and stirred the pot so to speak among the various species that lived in the Delta Quadrant.

But, Jordan had more important things to focus on and left those issues to the command staff. 

And, one of those things was their new diplomatic officer, Lt.Cmdr Esme' Dumont of whom Jordan personally took responsibility for making sure the Lt.Cdr was shown her quarters and her personal luggage brought safely to her. And, Jordan was glad she grew up wrestling with older irish brothers, because her luggage was heavy. Being on the rather petite side with short, auburn hair, yet not unattractive and known to turn a few heads, PO3 Cassidy was actually stronger than she looked.

Ok, that's done finally. I should go and see if the Lieutenant Commander is happy with her quarters just to be sure. Hate to get on the bad side of the Diplomatic Officer right off the bat. Jordan thought to herself as she gave the bay a last once over with her eyes before turning on her heel to make way for the double bay doors.

Thankfully, the Highlander wasn't a huge ship of the line and even before they left the yards she was able to get the layout down pretty well. She stepped into the lift and waited with her PaDD held against her stomach with both hands, for two others to pile in and the door to close. A polite nod and glance at them. Both wearing red. A male Andorian and a female human about her own age.

They both emerged before her. Leaving Jordan to her thoughts which were usually her agenda not just for the day, but, two or three days' worth. She hated being behind on anything.

The lift stopped on the deck she needed and Jordan stepped down the corridor towards the Commander's quarters. Not honestly sure if she was even there or not. But, it didn't hurt to find out. And, she realized she could've asked the ever so helping computer for her whereabouts, but, she didn't mind the walk. A little nervous, she actually looked forward to speaking with Esme'.