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Petty Officer 3rd Class Jordan Cassidy

Jordan Cassidy


Petty Officer 3rd Class


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Biographical Information

Homeworld New Vega
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Year 2363
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 135
Hair Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Steel Blue
Physical Description Fit, toned but not sculpted muscles. Jordan has an oval face framing her steel blue eyes. Most times her wavy hair is worn either tied back or let loose along the top ofNA her shoulders depending on whether she wants to mess with it or not.

She has a quick gait when she moves with a fluid, nimbleness to her movements when getting through crowds. Like when she slaloms down long runs while downhill skiing.

Family Data

Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Torin Cassidy
Mother Carol Cassidy
Brother(s) Travis - 33
Nick - 30
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Various aunts, uncles, and cousins

Niece and Nephew from her brother Nick

Personality Profile

General Overview Although Jordan has no qualms about getting into physical fights when it comes to standing up for what she believes or protecting those she cares for, she's by nature a good person.

If she's not in her quarters, her nose is usually buried in her PADD going over some string of sub-routines, or something that pertains to her duties as a quartermaster. She is very well-versed in the general operations of the ship power systems and will gladly volunteer to be on the bridge manning that station.

She enjoys good conversation and getting together with friends and crewmates and loves to talk about growing up with her brothers, but not so much on her parents being they were around all that much when she was growing up.
Strengths & Weaknesses Well organized with note taking and being able to prioritize

Though she did pass small arms training at the Academy, Jordan isn't all that great at it. She's a born, irish blooded brawler and actually is better at melee combat.
Ambitions To someday become a high ranking NCO like her Grandfather Silus had become when he retired at the rank of Senior Master Chief.
Jordan would like to eventually find a special someone to settle down with, though for now, she's happy with the dating scene.

Having a deep interest in computer programming, Jordan wants to perfect a power distribution efficiency program.

To actually conquer the Klingon language
Hobbies & Interests Still having a passion for skiing, Jordan runs her holprograms skiing circuits, and tournaments she never had a chance to.
Jordan enjoys working out and running the corridors of the ship alone or with crew mates.

She's determined to get better at using small arms and uses the shooting range when she can.

Languages Vulcan, limited Klingon, Cardassian

Personal Relationships

Family Her brothers Travis and Nick were her world growing up. Always allowed to tag along and would get just as dirty and muddy as they did.
The fact that they'd do anything for their little sister, Jordan had an impish side to her where she'd initiate a situation where they'd come and help her. Mostly they knew what she was up to.

When Travis left for his first assignment after a short break from graduating from the Academy, Jordan felt like a part of her left with him. She loved her brothers equally, but, Travis was her favorite. The adventurous risk taker. Which is a reason she decided to join Starfleet.
Relationships No serious relationships other than dating here and there when she had time, though, they were few and far between.
Her brothers tried to set her up with their friends figuring she needed to let loose more and impress on her there was more to life than just skiing.
Friendships When Travis left for his first assignment after a short break from graduating from the Academy, Jordan felt like a part of her left with him. She loved her brothers equally, but, Travis was her favorite. The adventurous risk taker. Which is a reason she decided to join Starfleet.

Torlek Bann. A classic friendship that was founded during a school ski trip until his death not long after his high school graduation during a shuttle accident that killed him and his parents.
He and Jordan were inseparable, always studying together and her date on most school events. Even though neither had any interest or desire to become more than what they were as friends.

His unexpected death broke Jordan's heart putting her into a deep depression. Even her beloved brothers couldn't get her out of her room for months. It was hard for her to continue her skiing training without Torlek, but, she knew he would want to her keep on with it.

In Jordan's mind, there would nor couldn't be another friend like him. At least not until she had met Karlys Marr, a Bajoran, at the Academy and that void in her life was somewhat filled again.

Personal History

Personal History After being told she could no longer bear children after their second child Nick, Mother found she'd become pregnant during a trip to Risa with her husband. Jordan had become a surprise, though very welcomed addition to the family. Her Mother finally had a daughter, and her brothers had a sister to come to adore and become her protective shields and moreso when Jordan became a young woman.
More suitors found themselves running home with bloody noses by the larger Cassidy brothers.

Although born in the Vega colony, her family on her Father's side originated from Ireland back on Earth. And, always having a keen interest in her families history e Vega colony, her family on her Father's side originated from Ireland back on Earth. And, always having a keen interest in her family's history, Jordan made it a point to ask and do a little research on the country. Seeing this, her parents sent her there on her nineteenth birthday. And, finding an instant love for what the planet had to offer, she stayed longer in order to ski and mountain climb in different regions, which up to that point were only done with holo programs.

As a young girl, skiing had become her passion finding the long, winding slopes of downhill fulfilling. It absorbed Jordan's time, putting any serious thought of a solid relationship on a cold, back burner. It worried her parents, but, they understood being they weren't completely without grandchildren.

Even with her love of the sports, there was a side of Jordan that wanted to explore the far reaches of space and follow her parents and Brother Travis to wear the Starfleet uniform. Both were involved in the diplomatic Corps. which took them off world on several occasions. Leaving her brothers or a neighbor to care for her as a young girl. after an accident destroyed Jordan's chances of pursuing a full time career in the downhill circuit, and still young enough at 22, she signed up.

Education Jordan excelled at most of her classes except for the advanced sciences which she could count on help with from her friend Torek.
She wasn't on the Dean's list or honor roll, but, her grades were enough to get her into Starfleet Academy.

During high school, she took a liking to computers and got high grades in those classes with programs she came up with.

Career History

Starfleet Academy Unlike her days in high school where she excelled at most of her classes and had a normal social network, the Academy was so much different for Jordan. Even though her brother Travis had given her a heads up on what to expect.

Her classes were much harder and involved with a bigger workload. Jordan saw any chance of getting the grades she used to get fading quickly away. The only thing that kept her from failing completely was that she was no quitter. It wasn't in her vocabulary. And, she swallowed her pride and got help from other classmates which wasn't easy for her. Though, she realized necessary if she were to graduate.
Her abilities to organize and multi-task helped get through, too.

Jordan majored in Operations and minored in Engineering after finding she had a deep interest in Operations. Though, with her organizational skills she had through high school she ended up requesting to be in the quartermaster sub-department.