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The USS Jefferies is an Aerowing-class Captain's Yacht, named after the famous starship designer of the original starship Enterprise, Captain W. M. Jefferies. The Jefferies is docked in a specialised docking port on the underside of the Highlander's saucer section.


Class Aerowing class
Role Captain's Yacht
Duration 40 years
Time Between Refits 2 years


Length 24.8 metres
Width 29.9 metres
Height 4.1 metres
Decks 1


Officers 6
Civilians/Passengers 10
Emergency Capacity 20


Cruise Speed Warp 3
Maximum Speed Warp 5
Emergency Speed Warp 5.2 (for 12 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Defensive Systems Structural Integrity Field
Metaphasic Shielding System
Standard Shielding System
Weapon Systems x2 Type V Phaser Arrays
x2 Type VI Phaser Arrays
x2 Micro-Torpedo Launchers
Armament x20 Micro-Photon Torpedoes
x10 Micro-Quantum Torpedoes

Personal Equipment:
x5 Type I Hand Phasers
x8 Type II Hand Phasers
x4 Type III Phaser Rifles

x8 Personal EVA Suits