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Rules: Quality

Created by Captain Tim Williams on Sat May 25th, 2013 @ 3:01pm

The USS Highlander aims to be a sim that produces posts to the highest quality we can muster, and as such insubstantial posts (three liners, barely enough to read to be able to call it a post, etc) will be discarded from post counts and story lines and may be deleted.

Personal Logs should be a minimum of 200 words long. That's roughly about three paragraphs, or two if one is of decent size. Mission posts should be a minimum of 400 words long - about four or five paragraphs, minimum. These figures may make it sound like a lot, and like a lot of hard work, but I assure you, it isn't. 400 words really isn't that long; head over to Lorem Ipsum and get it to generate you some text that is 400 words in length. It looks tiny; inconsequential. You can manage that many on any day of the week.

For players working on a Joint Post with others, it is expected that your responses be of significant length to be of some worth. It will frustrate the other player to no end if your only response to their carefully worked out tag is a one-liner that leaves no room for a response or leaves all the development of the story to the other player. If a player regularly responds in one-liners in Joint Posts, then such posts may be discounted from their posting quotas as not being of enough significance.

These requirements are to ensure that all posts are of substantial enough length to mean something, and to ensure that the sim is counted as one of reputable calibre amongst the other sims it shares this sector of roleplay with.

For a handy online word counter, you can head here. If you are using Firefox, you can use one of these add-ons to count your words: Firefox 3, Firefox 4+.

Additionally, please ensure that you ensure you have checked your posts for any spelling and grammar errors.

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