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Rules: Activity

Created by Captain Tim Williams on Sat May 25th, 2013 @ 2:41pm

All members are expected to post a minimum of once every 14 days - that is one post every two weeks, working out as roughly 2 posts a month. Obviously, we want to ensure that the sim progresses at a decent pace, and we can't do that if the players involved are only posting once every six, seven or eight weeks. If you cannot meet this requirement, then you must contact the commanding officer - exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Not speaking to him means that there will not be any exceptions made for you.

Players are also expected to respond to tags in Joint Posts promptly; most often a Joint Post (or JP) will go back-and-forth between two or more players before it is completed; it can be very difficult to move the story along or to meet posting requirements if one contributor of the JP only responds once every two weeks. Note that a JP contribution in and of itself does not count towards meeting your posting targets; do not expect to be able to get away with telling the command staff that you're working on a post.

Any officers that require a Leave of Absence (LOA) can and must request one from the command staff, and get it put into the system that they are on LOA. Any member who disappears without informing the command staff of an LOA will be counted as AWOL, and are liable to be booted from the sim if their lack of activity is seen to be detrimental to the sim's progress.

A Leave of Absence should last no longer than four weeks. If the LOA is expected to last for a longer period, then the player should request an Extended Leave of Absence (ELOA). An Extended Leave of Absence usually lasts for a long time, but should not be used as a way for the player to 'take a break' until they feel like coming back to the sim. If you require an ELOA, please have an estimated return timeframe and a reason for the leave to give to the command staff when requesting the LOA - they will likely want to talk with you more about the leave. If it is a very long-term absence, they may wish to alter your character's position slightly, to allow another player to take up your character's role in the sim until you return.

Any officer on a valid LOA or ELOA is exempt from the 14 week posting rule, but LOAs should not be used as a means to avoid the requirement.

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