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Created by Captain Tim Williams on Fri Aug 1st, 2014 @ 5:50pm

Not to be confused with awards, Achievements are small tasks that are optional, and that you can try to complete if you want to. The Command team will judge if the tasks are completed correctly and there's a list of Achievements completed, per character. People who play video games will probably know this system, as it's becoming increasingly popular. Think of these Achievements as little tasks you complete just for the fun of it, or as tiny sources of inspiration. Some of them can be done at all times, others are context related or time constrained.

The Rules

You try to get an achievement by making a post, however, this post must be in the context of the story. If for instance the achievement is for your character to kick something, you don't make a post of him going down to engineering, kicking something, and going back up. You get my drift, don't you? :)

When you attempt an achievement in one of your posts, please send me and the XO a PM telling us the post name and the achievement you are aiming for - we will try and keep achievements in mind to award as we're reading posts, but letting us know that you were aiming for one is the most surefire way to make sure that it gets assessed in that light.

General Achievements:

There's No Place Like Home...: Have your character settle in his or her quarters, adding something that makes the place feel like home.
Roses Have Thorns: Have your character encounter, or go through, an embarrassing romantic situation.
"Medic!": Have your character get an injury treated in Sickbay.
Posting Spree Mark I: Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 5 days.
Posting Spree Mark II: Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 10 days.
Ultimate Posting Spree: Make a quality post at a minimum of once a day, for 15 days.
"Recruits! Fall in!": Recruit two or more quality players to the Highlander. Verification of the fact that it was you who recruited them must be possible.
Achiever Mark I: Successfully complete 5 Achievements.
Achiever Mark II: Successfully complete 10 Achievements.
Achiever Mark III: Successfully complete 20 Achievements.
"I remember the Borg...": Make a post with a (partial) flashback to a time when your character got involved with the Borg.
War Stories: Recite a time when your character saw action in the Dominion War.
Matters of Faith: Express your character's opinions about religion and spiritualism.
Reaching Out To Strangers: Make a JP with three separate people, with whom you've not yet made a JP. Preferably a person whose character your character would not often interact with. This can be one JP with each, or one JP with all three people.
My Favourite Place: Show someone your favourite spot on the ship, Holodeck not included.
"Mum! Dad!": Call your parents/guardians while on the Highlander.
Understanding Fear: Discuss your character's biggest fear with another character. Remember that this is not a light subject.
Childhood Stories: Tell someone your favourite childhood story.
"Have you tried turning it off and on again?": Make a post of your character's frustration over a broken computer.
A Sandy Situation: Shake the sand out of your boots.
"Quiet down, kids!": Express your character's opinion of children (i.e., having some, preferably with your partner). How would you name a girl or a boy?
Gimmick amongst the Stars: Make a subtle reference to one of the Star Trek TV shows. Note: be creative, don't just mention a character's name.
What You Don't Know Must Die: Kill a creature you've never encountered before.
Downsides: Make a post in which your relationship comes to be under severe pressure (be it a love or friend relationship).
Shocking!: Get an electronic shock from a console or EPS conduit.
"At least we've got chicken...": Work this sentence into your post in a comical way. (Tip: try to avoid the obvious situations/places, such as the kitchen).
To Quote The Philosopher: Work a (relevant!) philosophic quote into your post.
Best Time of Your Life: Have your character tell a story from their Academy time. Flashbacks are allowed as well.
If I Wasn't In Starfleet: Express what your character would do if he/she wasn't in Starfleet. If your character is a civilian, express what they would do if they were in Starfleet.
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Have your character overhear an important news report, and have him/her react to it.
"Ouch!": Punch someone to the ground (preferably a bad person, but if you're fanatic enough...)
Pa-pa-pa-pokerface: Play a games of cards with a crewmember.
Deadeye: Have your character practise his or her combat skills in the Holodeck.
Veteran: Participate in three complete missions.
The More The Merrier: Make a JP with at least four people.
It’s a Small Galaxy After All: Make a subtle reference to one of the other Pegasus Fleet sims. Note: be creative, don't just mention a character's name. The USS Endeavour is excluded as the sim that evolved into the Highlander.
Multiple Personalities: Create a separate P-NPC character and contribute to at least three mission posts as that character.
Ah, the Giants: Make a reference to ancient Earth literature that was written in the late 20th, early 21st centuries.
I Didn’t Do Nuthin’: Spend a night in a holding cell.
It Has it’s Ups and Downs: Make a post set primarily in a turbolift.

Special Achievements:

Special Achievements are Achievements that require a bit more effort than the regular ones.

I Love This Song!: Take a song you really love and make a post around it. You can use the general story in the song or video, the vibe, your interpretation of the song, or even just one word or sentence. At the end of the post, put a little explanation as to why you picked this song, and clarify which song it was. ("I chose this song, because...")
What If?: This Special Achievement revolves around a What If?-situation. This is your chance to bend and twist reality into an awesome post. What if the Romulans never existed? What if you were blind? What if that hot Ensign in Engineering actually was your partner? It's all possible! If your "What If?" scenario can't be fitted into the regular sim timeline, then post it up as your character's dream.

If you are going to use other people's characters in your post (eg. What if the XO was your boyfriend/girlfriend?) then please discuss this with the player in question. If you hesitate on whether the post will be allowed, you may check with the CO.

If you feel you've not be awarded an Achievement which you did complete, mail me about it. Don't forget, the goal of Achievements is not getting them; it's making the most creative use of them!