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New Year, Fresh Push

Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 7:41pm by Captain Tim Williams

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a good festive/new year season!

I know that things have been very slow around here for the last couple of months of 2017, and I apologise for that - those months were quite busy for me, so I wasn't left with much time to get online and do any writing.

This year should hopefully see a change to that; I started a new job today which has me off my old shift pattern and onto a more normal Monday to Friday pattern, which means I should hopefully have more time available to give the sim and you the attention deserved. I'll be going through and catching up with the tags I've got hanging waiting for me soon, and start off some new ones to push our plotline along too, so keep an eye out for things coming your way.

Captain Williams


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