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USS Highlander Discord Server

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 6:34pm by Captain Tim Williams

Hey everyone

It's been great seeing everyone get back into the groove of things and progressing joint posts and solo posts lately, and so in an effort to help keep that momentum going (and to increase general OOC communication between us), I've created a Discord server for the sim. For those who haven't used it yet, Discord is a chat app that you can use either within a web page, via desktop app or via a mobile app, which makes it very accessible. Chat logs are also persistent, so you can read up on things that happened while you were offline, or even before you joined the channel in question, which makes it great for communities like ours with members from around the world.

The link to our new server is here: (I'll get to adding a button direct to it and adding the chat widget somewhere on the site soon). Make sure to let me know who you play on the sim when you join (if your display name doesn't make it obvious) so I can get you added to the right groups (some channels are set to crew-only, and you'll also get a department-specific colour added to your display name).

Pegasus Fleet also has a Discord server, so while you're joining ours it might be beneficial to join the overall fleet one too and engage with the wider community. You can get to the fleet's Discord server by visiting

As always, keep up the great writing everyone!


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