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Griffen Tanol

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Biographical Information

Homeworld Urlan Province, Trill
Species Trill (Joined)
Gender Female
Birth Year 2357
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Hazel (Shifts from to Brown or Green)
Physical Description Medium in height, coming in at Five foot Five, and rather fit in weight at a Hundred and twenty pounds, Griffen is a fairly average woman for her age. With dark black hair that runs down to mid chest, Griffen has bright hazel eyes that routinely shift between brown and green.

Grif has excessive burn tissue along the right side of her torso from an incident on a previous posting involving a plasma fire. However much the doctor tried, from just above her hip running in a strip along her back and ending on her mid neck Grif has extensive scar tissue. Griffen is very shy about her burns, doing her best to cover hem up whenever possible.

When on duty, Grif can generally be found in a general duty uniform, though she generally wears a Engineers jacket over top of a duty vest instead of a duty jacket. Due to the length of her hair, she also prefers to keep it in a braid to keep it out of the way. One of the best ways to tell if shes been having a bad day is the state of her braid. On a good day it will stay right, with little to no loose hairs, on a bad day, it would have deteriorated significantly with many loose hairs.

While Off Duty, Grif prefers to keep her hair down. As well, she prefers to wear comfortable clothes, such as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If she's feeling adventurous, you can even find her in a skirt.

Family Data

Spouse Currently Divorcing Lieutenant Allison Church
Children None
Father Kela Moran
Mother Moira Moran
Brother(s) Markon Moran
Jehra Moran

Personality Profile

General Overview Though a brilliant engineer, Grif is a very odd individual in general. She loves to tinker with different parts of the ship, making them work better, seeing what else they are able to do, etc. During her academy years she was known as the 'Mad Engineer' because she was always trying to make different gadgets.

Though she used to be a fairly reserved individual, one more likely to be a wall-flower rather than the center of the party, since the merging with the Tanol symbiote six years ago, Grif has gradually been coming out of her shell. She is more outgoing now, and loves to talk to people, listen to their stories. When faced with an awkward situation, or something that is completely out of her depth, Grif tends to clam up. She is generally more at home talking about warp field theory than the latest fashions from Earth.

A side note, do not mess with people she cares about. Though she can be considered to be rather meek if someone were to threaten her, if you were to threaten someone that Grif cared about, be warned, mechanical things in your area WILL malfunction.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Brilliant Engineer, she is always tinkering with different forms of technology and devices.
+ Intelligent
+ Outgoing, loves to talk to people and listen to stories.

= Very loose with orders. Will do what needs to be done, anyway possible regardless of orders.
= Very protective of her ship.

- Can have episodes in which she reverts to a very reserved individual.
- Will not stand for selfless heroes.
Ambitions Starship Design. From spending a large amount of time in the bowels of a ships guts, Grif wants to have the ability to one day design a starship of her own. Other than that, Grif does not have many ambitions, she doesnt wish to get into command but would not mind a stint at Starfleet Command.
Hobbies & Interests Gadgets. Grif loves to play with different gadgets and design new inventions in her spare time. She is constantly looking for the next big thing in an attempt to further along the engineering field.

Outside of Engineering, Grif is a sucker for a good romance novel. She prefers to read real physical copies of a book rather than one from a PADD, or a holonovel. That being said Grif loves to spend time in the holodeck, going on hikes, and playing different sports.
Languages Trill, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Limited Breen

Personal Relationships

Family Grif has a reasonable relationship with her family. She maintains regular contact every month at least once, sometimes more if shes lucky. Though she loves her family, Grif has never felt particularly attached to them in any substantial way, from the beginning her parents pushed her towards the symbiot commission, something she didnt want and it drove a rift between them and her. Though they are still proud of her, Grif always had that nagging sensation that they just weren't as proud as they would have been if she had gone into the symbiot commission rather than the Academy.
Relationships Grif's relationships can be... interesting. Her most recent one has failed, rather spectacularly (think door being broken times ten) and she is currently in the process of divorcing her wife.

Any kind of relationship with Grif is going to be completely spontaneous from her side, or almost entirely pushed from the other side. Her boyfriend in the academy back on Trill pursued her for 4 months before she finally took notice.

Once in one though, Grif can be good, she can be loving and care for an individual, but they have to be more than willing to accept her little intricacies, her strange habits and her more than often enough tendency to get sucked into a job.
Friendships Compare to relationships, Grif makes friends rather easily, she enjoys listening to other people and telling stories of her own which can draw people towards her. Many can find her a bit odd once they know her but she is loyal and a good friend.

Personal History

Personal History Born in 2357 in the Urlan Province on Trill, Griffen Moran was the youngest of three kids and the only girl to her parents Kela and Moira Moran, workers in the Trill Science Commission. An unusual name for a girl, Grif embraced her name's uniqueness as she herself was fairly unique. From a young age you could tell that Grif had a special way with machines, she loved to take them apart see how they worked then put them back together, sometimes with more parts, sometimes with less as she experimented to find ways to make them more efficient. Thanks to Trill's fascination with the Sciences and Engineering, Grif was able to thrive in an environment that supported her love of machines to its fullest.

Though her parents wished that she would pursue the Symbiont Commission and become joined, Grif chose to attend Starfleet Academy instead. Thus at the age of Eighteen, Grif joined Starfleet.

Tanol Symbiot History
Horac Tanol - First host, Civil Engineer - Joined at 24, Died at 87
Liern Tanol - Second Host, Trill Science Commission - Joined at 28, Died at 94
Elisza Tanol - Third Host, Federation Governmental Body (Bureaucrat within Department of Finance) - Joined at 25, Died at 76 (Undiagnosed Heart defect)
Commander Marza Tanol - Fourth Host, Starfleet - Joined at 27, Died at 43 (Accident will on away mission)
Education Griffen attended a full education at local schools in the Urlan province. It was during her time in what would be equivalent to middle school that Griffen began to show signs of being somewhat of a wiz with technology and in particular fixing it.

For her senior education Griffen attended a Technology specialty academy in the capital of Urlan. Designed to help develop technical skills involved with engineering, operations and many other professions involving technology. Typical graduates of the school ended up attending the Academy, a tradition that Grif would continue upon her graduation.

Thanks to her joining, Grif has a unique circumstance in which she has the ability to call on the experience and education of her past hosts.

From her host Horac, Grif has the ability to call upon the experience and schooling of a civil engineer, someone who knew more about civil infrastructure than a warp core.

From Liern, Grif has the ability to call on a more scientific background. Liern with a doctorate in astronomy has given Grif more a fascination with the stars, where they are, what they are and some of the myths of them from various planets.

From Elisza, Grif can call on the intricacies of a diplomat (though not a good one if you asked her). Not really much else to say about her.

Possibly the most useful host considering her position within Starfleet, from her last host Marza, Griffen can call on the tactical and security training, as well as his experience from during the Dominion war and his time within Command.

Career History

Starfleet Academy An Engineering major from the beginning, Grif had the time of her life at the Academy. She was able to play with many different technologies that she had never been able to get her hands on before. During her four years at the Academy, Grif spent as much time as she could in the Engineering labs working with the tools and equipment of the trade. Though many saw her tinkering as an advent of a great mind, more than once she got in trouble for forgetting to put something back together the right way, or when her 'efficiency' upgrades failed.
Early Career Regardless, by the time she was twenty-two, Grif graduated from the Academy with flying colours and was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the Ambassador class USS Nelson as an Engineering officer. Much of her assignment on the Nelson was spent fixing the aging ships infrastructure. She got to learn the ins and outs of the systems. Study a ship that had been worn in and her ways fixed and efficient from years of tweaking.

After a few years of studying the systems of an older ship, Grif got the chance to study a brand new ship of the line when she was transferred to the Sovereign Class USS Jorgan. A ship in which everything was still fresh and things needed to be broken in and tweaked.

It was during her time on the Jorgan that Griffen came to be joined with the Tanol Symbiote. Originally the Symbiote of the Executive Officer, the XO was seriously injured during an away mission. Due to the fact that Grif was the only other Trill on board, the XO dying and the ship at least a week away from any other ship or starbase due to it being on an extended exploration mission, Grif was the only choice. Thankfully she was compatible, and with the help of the Chief Medical Officer, Grif underwent the joining ceremony.

Due to the unusual nature of the joining between Grif and the Tanol Symbiote, Grif was forced to take six months off to spend time getting used to being joined and to be educated in life with a Symbiote as she had not spent her life preparing for it like so many others.

After her leave, Grif was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade and assigned to the USS Savok, a Galaxy class starship in which she was the Senior Engineering Officer. Her longest assignment to date, Grif spent a lot of time studying under the Chief Engineering officer in how to properly run an Engineering department and her personal. About midway through her service on the Savok there was an accident in the Engineering Department in which Girf was injured. The right side of her body from mid thigh, along her side and onto her back covering a bit of her shoulder and upper arm finished just below her head on her neck were all burned extensively in a Plasma Fire after an explosion. Due to the intensity of the burns, the Doctor was only able to properly heal about fifty percent of of the burn area. She was put into a medically induced coma for almost four months as they let the parts of her body heal that they hadn't been able to fix themselves. Thanks to this she has burn scars along that side of her body that she is fairly shy about them.
Later Postings Transferring to the USS Missouri under the new position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Grif was finally one of the ones calling the shots. Using the experience and teachings of the CEO from her last posting, Grif excelled, proving herself to be a very competent chief.

More recently in 2391, Grif saw a need to strike out again, trying for a better position or just a new posting in which she could gain more experience. Thus, Grif applied for a posting on a new ship.


2357 - Born in Urlan Province, Trill.
2375 - Applies to Starfleet Academy at 18 and is accepted.
2375-2379 - Attends Starfleet Academy.
2379 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy at age 22, commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the USS Nelson as a Engineering Officer.
2382 - Transfers to the USS Jorgan as a Warp Field Specialist.
2385- Receives the Tanol Symbiote after its original host is injured on an away mission.
2385-2386 - Short forced leave due to the joining.
2386 - Transfers to the USS Savok as a Senior Engineering Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2389 - Transfers to the USS Missouri as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2391 - Transfers to the USS Vesta as the Chief Engineering Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant.