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Lieutenant Commander Jean Reynard

Jean Marc Reynard

Chief Operations Officer

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Lieutenant Commander


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Biographical Information

Homeworld Delta Pavonis
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Year 2358
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 210
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue-Grey
Physical Description Jean is slightly above average height and has a solid build. He carries himself confidently and has excellent coordination and stamina. His appearance has been described at times as "harmless" or "suspiciously innocent." It's rare to see him without a set of utility tools on his belt, whether in or out of uniform.

While to outward appearances Jean is a typical human, beneath the skin he bears several alterations. His left eye is artificial, as is his left arm, due to a disruptor hit. He has a cortical implant as well, originally to assist in cracking Dominion communications, but these days an essential part of his autonomic nervous system. Sadly, a synthetic arm does not give him super-strength, due to his non-bionic shoulder.

Family Data

Father Miguel Reynard
Mother Marianne Reynard
Other Family Governor Josephine Reynard

Personality Profile

General Overview Jean is hard-working and always willing to help out his shipmates. He also has an endless sense of curiosity and can usually be found experimenting with some new piece of technology. He is bright and witty, although sometimes less so than he thinks. He isn't the most outgoing person, but when he does makes friends, he's intensely loyal to them. He also tends to take a live-and-let-live attitude toward interpersonal conflict; when he does get angry and hold a grudge, watch out. Finally, his respect for authority can be mixed at best. His grandmother is a prominent politician, resulting in an early inoculation against excessive forelock-clutching, and he firmly believes that respect beyond what's normal for any person needs to be earned.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jean is well-organized and excellent at multi-tasking, although sometimes he can get too focused on a particularly interesting piece of work to the exclusion of other things. He works well with teams and enjoys mentoring less experienced personnel. A lifetime aboard space stations and starships has left him with an instinctive feel for shipboard systems.

While he is qualified at the expert level with small arms, his hand-to-hand skills are lackluster. He also sometimes suffers from agoraphobia, due to skies lacking ceilings like proper habitats. Finally, he sometimes has trouble keeping his opinions to himself. It would best to keep him well away from Klingons, conservative Vulcans, Ferengi, more than a few Earth-born humans... really, diplomatic events in general.
Ambitions Who joins Starfleet and doesn't at least think of the center chair? He'd also like to be known for inventing something slightly more interesting than 'better variety of replicator food patterns'.
Hobbies & Interests Enthusiastic knitter... although those receiving what he produces are often less enthusiastic.
Building robots and functional model replicas.
Experimenting with new or alien technologies.
Reading about history.
Languages Romulan, Vulcan, Klingon

Personal Relationships

Family Jean remains close to his family. In particular, he regularly seeks out advice from his father on Starfleet matters, and his mother on scientific ones.

Personal History

Personal History Jean was born on Asgard Station in the Delta Pavonis system, orbiting the planet Eversnow. It was an early Earth colony, founded before modern terraforming technologies were developed. As it happened, the planet was much less habitable than initially believed, and the colonists were forced to build habitat stations in orbit instead of settling on the surface. By the time the planet was adapted for human life, many of the colonists no longer saw the point in moving planetside.

Asgard Station was a large O'Neill-type station. It was best know as home to Asgard Autonomous University and a major scientific research center, focusing on areas such as propulsion and shield testing that couldn't be done on a planetary surface. His father was a former Starfleet engineering officer, and his mother the director of a cybernetics research center. As might be expected, he grew up in a highly technical and scientific-focused environment, learning from a young age from some of the top scientists in many fields as they volunteered at the station's school. He also grew up clambering around the interior of the station, exploring many of the hidden nooks and crannies.

Jean officially began his college education at seventeen. His primary focus was on computer engineering and related areas such as robotics and transporter systems. He excelled in his studies, but at the time to Dominion War was still going on. His father had temporarily reenlisted and Jean wanted to join as well, but his mother forbade him and by the time he was old enough to join up without permission the war was effectively over. After graduating he continued on in a masters' program, but eventually his wanderlust got the better of him and he applied for Starfleet.
Education B.S. Computer Science, Asgard Autonomous University
Starfleet Officer Candidate School
PhD in Transporter Science (Thesis: Procedural Generation of Replicator Patterns)
Starfleet Command Course

Career History

Starfleet Academy Jean did not pass through Starfleet Academy. During the Dominion War, the Federation was in desperate need for qualified crew, especially in technical areas. This remained true even after the war, because so many officers had been killed. Since Jean already had a degree, he was sent to the OCS facility at Beta Antares. This was a one-year compressed course covering the essentials of Starfleet skills, including basic self-defense, first aid, astrogation, and shipboard protocols. It was extremely exhausting and skipped a great deal of what traditionally was considered 'essential' including most of the humanities. This has sometimes caused friction with people who went through the proper Academy program.
Early Career Jean's first post-war position was as replicator resources officer at Starbase 375. Once the command post for operations against the Dominion, it was now the center for recovery and rebuilding activities for much of the sector. Jean's duties were ensuring that the station's replicators were properly meeting the needs for reconstruction of numerous planets, saving a great deal of time in shipping equipment from the Federation core worlds. It was important work, but far from glorious. He recognized it was a necessary step in advancement given that he had knowingly skipped over the fast-track option of a proper Starfleet Academy program.
Later Postings He had similar duties but with an expanded level of authority on his next posting, the Ambassador-class starship USS Otunbayeva. Following the devastation of Romulus, he was assigned there to assist in disaster relief operations. Many Romulan worlds were ill-equipped to support themselves in the absence of a strong central government, especially as raiders took advantage of the Empire's weakness. He spent several years aboard, taking advantage of starship duty to brush up on his CV and gain essential skills for a higher operations position with a ship's core crew, eventually gaining a position as an Assistant Chief of Operations.

However, that was cut short when a mission went badly wrong. While responding to a distress call from a Romulan border colony, the Otunbayeva drove off a Klingon bird-of-prey from a minor house. Jean was part of the search and rescue teams beamed down to the colony. There they discovered the Klingons had put down a landing party of their own, and in the ensuing firefight Jean was hit by a disruptor blast.
USS Highlander While eligible for a medical discharge, Jean refused to leave Starfleet entirely. Instead, while undergoing reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, he focused on continuing his education, eventually earning a doctorate of engineering and also spending time at Starfleet Academy for command school. As soon as he was cleared for active duty, he applied for shipboard assignment once again. This time he insisted on a ship that would be conducting exploration missions, having spent the better part of a decade in Starfleet without seeing so much as a meter of unexplored space.


2378: Officer Candidate School
2379: Replicator Resources Officer, Starbase 375
2381: Civil Infrastructure Specialist, USS Otunbayeva
2388: Medical / Educational Sabatical
2390: Starfleet Command Course
2391: Chief Operations Officer, USS Highlander