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Counselor Melony Taylor

Melony Calla Taylor

Chief Counselor

Second Position
Diplomatic Officer



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Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 7:19pm

Biographical Information

Homeworld Earth
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Year 2362
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5`6"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Physical Description Melony is of average height with long brown wavy hair, that is usually left down. Melony is always well presented and keeps her uniform almost obsessively clean, knowing how important appearances can be in first impressions.

Family Data

Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Christopher Raymond Taylor
Mother Samantha Iris Candlin
Sister(s) Scarlett Rose Taylor
Other Family Grandmother (on fathers side) Violet Mae Taylor

Personality Profile

General Overview Melony always comes across as honest and friendly with a very laid back and calm attitude often putting others around her at ease simply by being there. Though she claims to not analyse those she is around and normal situations it is something she finds difficult to switch off though it has proven to be helpful in enabling her to catch things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, but it’s not something she lets on about, most of the time. Though she will usually try to keep most situations informal, whenever she is counselling someone she can stick to some more formal aspects.

Although she comes across as always being on top of a situation, whenever she truly relaxes, such as when she is cooking, she will often miss out things people expect her to pick up on, or even become more talkative about herself, normally something she would attempt to divert attention away from, making her a difficult person to get to know initially. Violence is something she has always seen as a last resort though it is something she would prefer to avoid; it wouldn’t prevent her from acting.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Strong diplomatic skills, analytical skills, good grasp on languages, intuitive body language reading, martial arts.

Weaknesses: can have a tendency to “play” with social situations when bored, reading in to people when it’s not welcome and intending to cause problems, though thankfully this tends to be more limited now she is older.
Ambitions Melony`s ambitions are lifelong in helping those around her lately it has specified in helping understanding between alien races and those within Starfleet. This has come from her home life, seeing the way that people were put at ease and how a good meal can change an individual so drastically caught her attention and along with seeing her mother at work within the hospital and witnessing the other end of the spectrum seeing the changes in people from joy to sorrow, or agony to relief, baffled and intrigued her from an early age, adding aliens in to this mix and the different spins this then throws on social situations and reactions only fuelled her even further in her curiosity to a more universal aspect of understanding in body language and how to help those around her.
Hobbies & Interests Melony has had an interest in cooking since she was young, owing to her Dad`s skills and work within the kitchen and is something she has developed and delights in doing whenever she gets a chance to. Melony also has a keen interest in martial arts and is determined to further her training and perfect her current technique.
Languages Federation Basic, Andorian, Italian, various alien phrases.

Personal Relationships

Family Melnoy`s immediate family is a close-knit group mostly due to the actions of her parents who themselves had very troubled childhoods and therefore wanted to impart a sense of family in to their own children, in order to do this both of her parents encouraged Melony and Scarlett to talk about anything to them making nothing “taboo” and also encouraging them to talk to those they worked with and involved them as much as they could within their own lives. It was because of this that Melony was often found talking to those within the restaurant her father worked at when she was younger. Though both of her parents had very busy jobs they always tried to make time for Melony and Scarlett making holidays and time they did spend together special.

Scarlett Rose Taylor is two years younger than Melony, and seems at times to be her polar opposite both having a very conflicting opinions though they usually get along despite differences in opinion. Scarlett tended to spend more time with their mother than Melony and so was more immersed in the medical aspects of her mothers work and developed a love for it at an early age, and later went to follow the same path as her mother and now works alongside her. She keeps in regular contact with Melony, and finds that hours can pass just talking and catching up with one another, and if she is ever in any situation where she is lost, Melony is her main source of support and advice.
Friendships Dominic Aaron Stone

Friend since childhood still keeps in touch. Initially became friends after taking up martial arts, becoming rivals after he insulted her ability claiming she wouldn’t be any good to spar with because she was a girl. Not something Melony took very well. After that everything became a challenge and a competition between them, each trying to outdo one another. Only after several years and several sparing matches did they eventually become friends, specifically after a sparring session without any rules, going all out and causing one another e few injuries’, though both left with a new found respect for one another, and realising how much this competition had helped the both of them better their martial arts became sparring partners. When Melony joined Starfleet Dominic supported and encouraged her to do what it was she wanted in spite of her sisters disagreement, but only if she promised not to fall behind in her training. Dominic being one of the people whose opinion she highly values.

Personal History

Personal History Melony Calla Taylor was born in 2362 to Christopher and Samantha Taylor, with her younger sister Scarlett being born two years later. Though both siblings tended to get on they clashed over certain topics, when both had strong and unwavering opinions, both being exceptionally stubborn, more so whilst they were young. As they were growing up they both had access to the hospital setting where their mother worked and to the restaurant where their father worked, both usually liking to hover around whenever they got chance and help out. Though Melony as she grew up she made friends with Dominic, whom she met after taking up martial arts, initially they were rivals with everything being a challenge, neither liking if the other managed to outdo them at something. After a while they became fast friends and sparing partners, but only after a sparring match that resulted in a draw and both of them with a new found respect for one another, and several injuries.

During her teenage years Melony developed a strong curiosity of how social interactions worked and just how they influenced people’s decisions, underlying human behaviour how it was manipulated and how it could change so easily from hearing certain things, bad news or a good meal influenced it. This curiosity developed in to a desire to help those overcome difficulties in dealing with reacting to bad news, depression and other problems that could stem from injury’s, how much the mind can play a part in healing and so leading her to what affected healing psychological issues. After realising that she could do this by becoming a counsellor and helping those in Starfleet deal with the aftermath of interactions and conflicts with other species, Melony became determined to enrol in Starfleet academy.

Since Melony left for Starfleet Scarlett initially had doubts and was insistent of it being a poor decision, and it was a severe source of friction and the cause of many arguments before she left, almost causing Melony to reconsider her decision to join. Though after seeing how much she loves her post and the difference she is making Scarlett later becomes very supportive of her, though it takes longer for her to admit she was wrong.

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